All motorcyclists and each motor type are welcome at Moto-Pyrénées :-)

balades moto– Beautiful tours and roads.
– All type of motorcycles are welcome !
– Everyone drives at his speed
– From april till november

The Pyrenees : A paradise for bikers, because the routes are ideal and the cols are numerous, but also the discoveries and local products could be able to surprise you.

We accompagnate you during the trips, to discover the Pyrenees … in a different way, to take you to unknown places, not too touristy, but superb and unusual. And of course along the most beautiful roads of the region, the less known, also the least busy.

These motorcycle tours can be done from April to November. The rides are accessible to all levels.  We take a lot of mountain passes, turnings, but we also take the time to enjoy the landscapes, the view points, the sights, etc… Herefor are stops provided, but also to have a drink at a terrace, or for exemple, for a visit or a tasting.  At noon we stop to eat, either in a small local restaurant, or we take a picnic on a pleasant place.

   terasse    pic-nick    Visite    Rucher

But besides this the most important is riding of course :-).

The tours are quite varied.  We do every day another region. Depending on the period, there are trips to the the Spanish Pyrenees (La Catalogne, L’Aragon, l’Huesca, la Navarre), Andorra and the French Pyrenees (Eastern Pyrenees, the High Pyrenees and the Central Pyrenees, from the Mediterranean to the Basque land passing by the Couserans, and even to the Montagne Noire, which include the mountain passes of the Vuelta and the Tour de France, etc … .  All with lots of varieties of landscapes, wildlife and beautiful roads.


Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer you gladly ! See you soon !