The Summer Tour

from 22 till 29 July 2023

The Vascons Routes


The Pyrenees by motorbike? The perfect dream for bikers who haven’t been there yet. And for those who already know the region, we will make you Discover the Pyrenees… differently! in this Summer Tour. In any case, a good reason to take part in these motorcycle rides with us!


Another good reason is that you don’t have to organize anything. You ride, you discover things that you would certainly never have found on your own, whether beautiful unknown roads in the Pyrenees, unusual places, visits to the craftsman or the small local producer. But also the friendliness of a small group of bikers, a cool atmosphere, conviviality and good humor. And finally, you benefit from group rates.

So many good reasons to take part in these motorcycle rides in the Pyrenees with us !

For this Summer Tour, we will do the “Vascons Routes“. The Vascons (ancestors of the Basques and the Gascons) have traveled the Pyrenees up and down, on the 2 sides of the French and Spanish Pyrenees. We will do the same on our weekly motorcycle routes. A hotel on the 1st and last day, a 2nd hotel for all other days. You can therefore ride light for most of the week. Each day, another region will be visited. The French Pyrenees (Hautes Pyrénées, Pyrénées Atlantiques, Béarn, Pays Basque, Soule), and the Spanish Pyrenees (Catalonia, Aragon, Navarra, Bardenas Desert, Huesca) are the regions that will be on the program. And each time a lot of passes, beautiful views and lots of turns. All this combined with breaks, visits, and tastings of local products. During the days of rides, lunches are planned, either in a small local restaurant, or a picnic at a nice place. Breakfasts and evening meals are taken at the hotel. The rooms are comfortable and of high quality.

Participation in the costs :
860 EUR per person

Included :
√ 5 guided motorcycle tours
√ 7 nights in quality hotels, based on a double room
√ 7 breakfasts
√ 7 evening dinners
√ water and wine for evening dinners
√ 5 lunches during the motorcycle tours
√ tastings of local products
√ visits
√ help with problems, in the extent of our abilities, but remember to take out an insurance if needed

Not included :
×  travel and cancellation insurance.  We recommend that you take the insurance that you deem necessary.
×  costs of repatriation of you and / or your motorcycle whatever the problem
×  fuel costs
×  lunch during the day off
×  additional drinks or supplements taken in the accommodation or restaurant
×  supplement for a single room (30 EUR/night)
×  personal expenses


Program of the Summer Tour :

– Saturday, 22/07/2023 : the welcome
We meet around 4:00 p.m. The opportunity to get to know each other, to summarize the motorcycle rides and to give all the explanations on the week of these motorcycle rides. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the welcome drink, offered by Moto-Pyrénées :-), and we have the evening meal together.

– Sunday 23/07/2023 : The Canyons Route

No canyoning on the menu ;-), but this first route will take us to several canyons, on a motorbike, in the heart of the rock, in unusual and majestic places. We will start the route with a fairly fast road with large curves. Then, it will be a section of a road with lots of turns as we like it, and where you will have the impression that it will never stop to end an then the passage of the 1st canyon of the day. As soon as you get out of this canyon, you go on a fast section to then arrive on a very small, unusual mountain road, with a lunar landscape. A descent from the pass, with breathtaking views of the valley, before heading towards the most beautiful canyon in the Pyrenees where we will take a lunch break. Feet in the water, at the edge of the waterfall, if you want. The afternoon will be a combination of roads all different from each other. A small mountain road, very natural. A surfaced road worthy of the most beautiful dreams of bikers. Faster sections interspersed with a break where we will have a drink in a mountain refuge. Nice menu to start this week, right?

– Monday 24/07/2023 : Passes with Bearnaise Sauce
estivale 2 Moto-Pyrénées balades moto dans les pyrénéesYou will have understood that this time we will be heading towards Béarn, first by a section and even a fairly fast and above all very long pass. What happiness ! Then a road in the valley but still very twirling before forking towards a circus, not the one with clowns :-) We will go around, at the foot of the circus, enough to see this steep and majestic mountain up close. A feast for the eyes, and you will feel very small. Then a not very well-known pass, not very high either, but very pretty and very natural. And he will put variety in this route. Ready for the roller coaster? We will take a section where it goes up, it goes down, it turns left, it turns right, it goes up … and so on for miles. A break at noon where you can also taste a well-known local product, before taking our motorbikes for successive passes including one out of category and with imposing views. Just enough time to breathe a little and we start again a long, very long pass, quite fast too which will bring us gently back to our hotel. And why not a dip in the swimming pool, to end the day in style.

– Tuesday 25/07/2023 : The Desert Route
estivale 2 chez Moto-Pyrénées dans les PyrénéesDid you know that there was a desert near the Pyrenees? The Bardenas Desert. And to get there, we have chosen the most beautiful roads for you, even if they will be at a lower altitude than the other days, they are just as beautiful. The first section will surprise you with its eroded rocks, the second with its endless turns, all while skirting a lake for a while and with distant views. A first break in a medieval village that is definitely worth visiting. Then, we take a pass, not imposing by its altitude but it imposes by these beautiful large curves and its coating: a beautiful flat ribbon of bitumen. We are now approaching this famous desert. This is where we will take the lunch break. Yes, we will picnic in the desert ! It is a unique place in Europe, a nature reserve which presents a particular vegetation as well as impressive rock formations due to erosion. One has the impression of being in the mythical landscapes of the American West. What put a little more variety in the routes. The afternoon will be a combination of various routes and…surprise ! We will take a break on a site just as unusual as the 1st that we are keeping for you … well yes, as a surprise ! :-) We will end the day with a road full of turns partly on the banks of a river, in cornice part.

– Wednesday 26/07/2023 : Break day

On Wednesday, we plan a break day. You will do what you want, according to your desires. An activity, with or without a motorbike, rest, visits, or a hike in the mountains, or stay at the hotel and enjoy the swimming pool or the spa? That’s up to you ! Breakfast and dinner are provided, lunch is not provided.

– Thursday 27/07/2023 : The Soule and the Navarre
Estivale 2 Moto-Pyrénées calendrier 2020You have immediately some indications on the regions that we will cross this time. La Soule is the smallest of the seven provinces of the Basque Country. Navarre is a region straddling Spain and France. These 2 regions are full of nice places both on the nature side and on the road side. We will start with some twirling sections. A first break on an exceptional site, one of the most beautiful belvederes in the Pyrenees where you will probably see vultures. Then, we will take a pass not very well known but superb. In our opinion, one of the most beautiful passes in the Pyrenees. The top of the pass and its descent will offer you superb views from all angles. Time to go back down to the valley and a table awaits us. A restaurant renowned for its local dishes will welcome us for the lunch break. You won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure ! The afternoon will start slowly, the time to digest, but will then continue on a faster and above all much higher note. We will also do a fairly long pass but which will delight you at every turn and every view. An afternoon break by the river and a roller coaster ride to end the day. What more ?

– Friday 28/07/2023 : The Route of the Great Passes
estivale 2 Moto-Pyrénées, organisation des balades moto dans les Pyrénées françaises, espagnoles et AndorreWe are used to saving you the best for the end and there, you will be served. The passes will follow one another throughout the day. We will start with a known pass, since we will have already done it at the start of the week, but in the other direction, you will see that it is very different, nothing to do with it. Then, 2 mythical passes, always appreciated for their views and their high altitudes. The lunch break will take place in a spa town which will surprise you with a local specialty linked to the thermal baths. Yes, yes, we have planned a tasting for you ! :-) You should appreciate it. The afternoon will be a succession of passes, each one more beautiful than the other, the altitudes vary, the pleasures too, some mythical, others less known, but all will delight you. A break in an exceptional place, well known to extreme aviation enthusiasts and also James Bond fans. You will understand on the spot :-) Come on, we take our motorbikes back for, guess what ? Yes, yes, passes again to end the day in style. The only moment a little quieter will be the last miles in the valley before returning to the hotel, something to remember this week for a very long time :-)

– Saturday, 29/07/2023 : the goodbye
Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday morning. Then, we will leave each other slowly, with memories in our heads and returning with in our pocket, a bunch of new biker friends and more. We tell each other that we will meet again and very, very often, it’s not just words ! :-) The departure is scheduled around 09:00, but it can be done earlier if you wish.

Booking the Summer Tour :

Would you like to enjoy some pleasant motor days with this Summer Tour ? Don’t hesitate to contact us.