The Spring Tour

from 15 till 22 May 2021

The Smugglers’ Routes

Do not hesitate to book your Spring Tour : if the Covid measures should prohibit us from these motorcycle tours, you can choose to do these tours at a different time.

The Pyrenees on a motorcycle ? The ideal dream for bikers who haven’t been there yet. And for those who already know the region, we will make you discover the Pyrenees … differently ! In any case, a good reason to take part in these motorcycle tours with us !

Another good reason is that you don’t have to organize anything. You ride, you discover things that you would certainly never have found on your own, whether they are beautiful little-known roads in the Pyrenees, unusual places, visits to the craftsman or the small local producer. But also the friendliness of a small group of bikers, a cool atmosphere and good mood. And finally, you benefit from group rates.

So, many good reasons to participate in these motorcycle tours in the Pyrenees with us !

For this motorcycle tour in May, we will ride the “Smugglers’ Routes“. A very large region around Andorra has always been very popular with smugglers who used little known roads. We will do the same on our motorcycle routes for the week. We will return to the same hotel every evening. You will therefore be able to ride light every day. But every day another region will be visited. The French Pyrenees (Ariège and Aude), Andorra and the Spanish Pyrenees (Catalonia, Cerdanya and Aragon) are the regions on the program. And each time a lot of passes, beautiful views and many curves. All this combined with breaks, visits, and tastings of local products. During the days of ride, lunches are provided, either in a small local restaurant, or a picnic at a nice place. Breakfasts and dinners are taken at the hotel. The rooms are comfortable and of a high standard.

Participation in the costs :
660 EUR per person

Included :
√ 5 accompanied motorcycle rides
√ 7 overnights in hotel, full board, based on a double room
√ 7 evening meals at the restaurant
√ 5 lunches (restaurant or picnic) during the days of rides
√ water / wine during meals
√ tastings of local products
√ visits
√ help in case of problem, to the extent of our possibilities, but remember to take the insurance that you deem necessary

Not included :
× travel insurance or cancellation insurance. We advise you to take the insurance that you deem necessary
× the cost of repatriating you and / or your motorcycle, whatever the problem
× fuel costs
× midday meal during the break day
× additional drinks or supplements taken at the hotel or restaurant
× supplement for a single room (20 EUR / night)
× personal expenses

Program of the Spring Tour

– Saturday, 15/5/2021 : the welcome
We welcome you around 5:00 p.m. The opportunity to get to know each other, to summarize the motorcycle rides and to give all the explanations for the week. We offer you a welcome drink :-) and we have the evening meal together.

– Sunday 16/5/2021 : Between Catalans and Aragonese
spring tour : day 1A long pass to start the day. A short break in a biker bar before getting off again for a fast section with big curves and a “billiard-like” coating. Followed by a small ledge road to admire Catalonia from above, to continue on a high altitude pass. Catalan specialties on the lunch menu ! In the afternoon, discover Aragon, a region that is different from an environmental point of view, with roads that you hadn’t dared to dream of. Tunnels, lakes, towering mountains. Then to return to Catalonia, but there too, in a varied environment, rapid curves to the very small mountain road and small typical villages. And as Moto Journal said: “The Catalan roads ? Caviar for bikers ! ”

– Monday 17/5/2021 : The 3 Countries Route
And yes, we will visit 3 countries this time: France, Spain and Andorra, choosing beautiful roads for you. But it is above all the variety that you will find on this tour. We will start with Andorra and these passes, often unknown, but much more pleasant than the usual roads. We will quickly leave the valley to go up in altitude and the small road where we will take you will remain engraved for a long time. Having already crossed the border for the 2nd time, it is the Ariège landscapes that will welcome us warmly with successive very pleasant passes. Then it will be the mountainous southern Aude that we will cross, approaching the rock. A nice restaurant with a beautiful view, a typical local, regional dish and a surprise dessert will keep you in shape for the afternoon. To digest, it will be the turn of the Eastern Pyrenees, a region which will offer us beautiful large curves. Now is the time to head to Spain for a lot of curves and a road with dream surfacing. Lots of variety on the roads but also the environment and especially the types of roads. And the road back to the hotel will be the icing on the cake !

– Tuesday 18/5/2021 : The Watchtower Route
spring tour : day 3With a route name like this, you will guess right away that the focus this time around will be even more on the views. You will have plenty of eyesight. In terms of roads, always a combination of fast sections but especially roads where we will take the time to look because it is worth it. All the breaks will be on imposing viewpoints. That of midday too, and there, you will have a breathtaking panorama ! The afternoon will be just as contemplative but with some faster sections, something to have fun too. You will also see a lot of different rock types on the day.


– Wednesday, 19/5/2021 : Break day
On Wednesday we plan a break day. You will do what you want, however you want. An activity, with or without a motorbike, or shopping in the stores of Andorra. Andorra is famous for its motorcycle accessories and clothing stores, but also for its ordinary clothing, shoes, watches and perfume stores and for electronics stores, phones, cameras, computers, tablets, etc,…

You can also go kart or spectacular summer tobogganing, go hiking in the mountains, enjoy the spa area, or simply take a day off … anything is possible :-). Breakfast and dinner are provided, lunch is not provided.

– Thursday 20/5/2021 : The Route of the Radeliers
We will start with the longest pass of the week. We will tell you the number of curves on site, but you will see that for most of you, it will be a “first time”, as many curves in the same pass ! Something to delight any biker who loves corners on this first part of the ride. Why the Radeliers? Ah Ah, you will see on the spot, it’s a surprise, but you will see that the trade has a link with the product of the soil that we will taste at the end of the morning. At noon, you will once again have an extraordinary view while having a meal. The afternoon will be punctuated by fast roads in valleys and climbs on the mountainsides to reach unforgettable summits.

– Friday 21/5/2021 : Destination Nature
More “Nature” than this tour, you will not find ! Do you want to take a tour of one of the most beautiful and one of the largest “Pyrenees Natural Park” ? This time we take you closer to the mountains and to nature, in a region where the flora and fauna are the most diverse in the Pyrenees. There are even many endemic species of the Pyrenees. This is telling you ! In terms of roads, we have chosen a 1st section of large curves for you, are you okay ? Followed … one of the most beautiful roads in Europe. Does that suit you too ? :-) And the following pass is one of the most beautiful in the Pyrenees : nature, different mountains, altitude, panoramic views, 360 ° in some places. You should like it too ! Lunch stop in a very small typical village and a restaurant just as typical of the region. Local guaranteed ! The afternoon will take us to the south of the natural park, barely 20 km from this morning (bird’s-eye !) But what a difference. Everything is there differently, the rock, the forest, the relief, the roads, the views. Again a lot of variety ! A break on the terrace in the shade of the plane trees. A return just as swirling and a beautiful evening together. A great day to end our week of the Tour in May on a high note.

– Saturday, 22/5/2021 : the goodbye
Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday morning. Then, we will leave each other slowly, with memories in our heads and returning with in our pocket, a bunch of new biker friends and more. We tell each other that we will meet again and very, very often, it’s not just words ! :-) The departure is scheduled around 10:00, but it can be done earlier if you wish.

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