The Pentecost Tour

from 27 May till 3 June 2023

The Catalans Routes


The Pyrenees by motorbike? The perfect dream for bikers who haven’t been there yet. And for those who already know the region, we will make you Discover the Pyrenees… differently! in this Pentecost Motorcycle Tour. In any case, a good reason to take part in these motorcycle rides with us!

Another good reason is that you don’t have to organize anything. You ride, you discover things that you would certainly never have found on your own, whether beautiful unknown roads in the Pyrenees, unusual places, visits to the craftsman or the small local producer. But also the friendliness of a small group of bikers, a cool atmosphere, conviviality and good humor. And finally, you benefit from group rates.

So many good reasons to take part in this Pentecost Motorcycle Tour in the Pyrenees with us !

For this motorcycle tour, we will be riding the “Catalans Routes“. Catalonia and its fabulous roads for bikers, especially known on the Spanish side. But Catalonia is also in France. The one that is sometimes called “Northern Catalonia” is also full of many assets. And we will take full advantage of it on both sides, in France and in Spain. We will return to the same hotel every evening, except when we go to the Mediterranean coast. You will therefore be able to ride light every day. But every day another region will be visited. The French Pyrenees (Couserans, Ariège, Aude, Pyrénées Orientales) and the Spanish Pyrenees (Catalonia, Cerdanya, the province of Girona, The Mediterranean Coast) are the regions on the program. And each time a lot of passes, beautiful views and many curves. All this combined with breaks, visits, and tastings of local products. During the days of ride, lunches are provided, either in a small local restaurant, or a picnic on a nice place. Breakfasts and evening meals are taken at the hotel. The rooms are comfortable and of a high quality.

Participation in the costs :
780 EUR per person

Included :
√ 5 guided motorcycle tours
√ 7 nights in quality hotels, based on a double room
√ 7 breakfasts
√ 7 evening dinners
√ water and wine for evening dinners
√ 5 lunches during the motorcycle tours
√ tastings of local products
√ visits
√ help with problems, in the extent of our abilities, but remember to take out an insurance if needed

Not included :
×  travel and cancellation insurance.  We recommend that you take the insurance that you deem necessary.
×  costs of repatriation of you and / or your motorcycle whatever the problem
×  fuel costs
×  lunch during the day off
× additional drinks or supplements taken in the accommodation or restaurant
×  supplement for a single room (30 EUR/night)
×  personal expenses.

Program of the Pentecost Motorcycle Tour :

– Saturday, 27/05/2023 : the welcome
We meet around 4:00 p.m. The opportunity to get to know each other, to summarize the motorcycle rides and to give all the explanations on the week of this Pentecost Motorcycle Tour. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy the welcome drink, offered by Moto-Pyrénées :-), and we have the evening meal together.

– Sunday, 28/05/2023 : The Canyon Route
Pentecost Motorcycle TourAs you will have understood, this first route will take us to the heart of the rock, on the mountainside, in a rough nature. We will cross a lot of canyions. Even if we will start with a fairly fast road, filled with large curves, we will very quickly be in small mountain roads and we will start a first series of canyons, the first impressive by its depth, the next by its proximity to nature. We will literally go under the rock several times. Then a rapid pass followed by an equally rolling section, to vary the pleasures a little and slowly arrive at our lunch break, a very natural place, with hot springs. And yes… you can swim there. Then it’s time to go, to do what ? Well yes, canyons again ! These are without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the Pyrenees. And to end the day, we will do 2 successive sections of endless streamers, on a dream coating.

– Monday, 29/05/2023 : The Beach Road
Pentecost Motorcycle TourThe name of the road will obviously make you guess in which direction we will go this time. Yes, we’ll go to the beach. But before heading for the Mediterranean, we will pass through an exceptional section, a road that has been voted one of the most beautiful in Europe and, in our opinion, the most beautiful section of the Pyrenees. This is telling you ! A road all in cornice, kilometers and kilometers of corners, without respite, with a coating “like a billiard” and all this with a breathtaking view of the neighboring massifs. Does it already make you dream ? The time to come back to earth for a few moments, we will start a small mountain road more than nice, filled, also with many corners. Then a faster part to allow us to get closer to our next stop. A medieval village known for these medieval buildings kept intact. You will have time to visit and we will have the meal in a local restaurant with Catalan specialties. We will then take the road again, and what roads ! A variety of small, medium and long curves, ending with even different routes before arriving at our hotel. The goal is not to get there too late to be able to enjoy the coast, a comfortable late afternoon, enjoy the idleness, the beach, a nearby cove or do the coastal shops, visit a castle, a monastery, or a nearby citadel, a museum by a very famous artist. Do a little segway or electric scooter. You will have the choice ! And all this nearby ! In the evening, we meet for a good aperitif, a good meal and who perhaps knows how to party.

– Tuesday, 30/05/2023 : Sea and Mountain
Pentecost Motorcycle TourSea and Mountain ! What do you want more ? Ride your motorbike on beautiful twisting roads, with superb sea and mountain views. Do you like it ? Yes ? Very good because that’s what we will offer you on this route. We will start the day by taking the time, taking advantage of the moment, gently. Then we will start what will be one of the highlights of the day. A small mountain road to enjoy ! Between sea and mountain. One of those roads that you will remember for a long time. We will not tell you more … Barely out of this nugget of the road, we will take a coil that does not end, with a dream coating, with slow, medium or fast sections, enough to put a maximum variety in the itinerary. Our next step ? A small mountain road that takes us to the end of the world, a small village where we have the impression that time has stood still… a very long time ago ! :-) And there, what do we find? A country pub, a real one. You will find there passion, motivation and authenticity. We liked it and we want to share it with you. When we get back to our mounts, it will be to resume a road filled with corners again, a pass little known and yet so interesting from all points of view (both literally and figuratively). Then another section filled with turns, to end our route on one of the most beautiful roads in Europe.

– Wednesday, 31/05/2023 : Break day
On Wednesday we plan a break day. You will do what you want, however you want. An activity, with or without a motorbike, rest, sightseeing, or a mountain hike, it’s up to you. We will not be very far from Andorra which is famous for its motorcycle accessories and clothing stores, but also for these clothing, shoes, watches and perfume stores and electronics stores, phones, cameras, computers , tablets, etc,… It’s up to you ! Breakfast and dinner are provided, lunch is not provided.

– Thursday, 01/06/2023 : The Water Passes Route
Pentecost Motorcycle TourWe will see a lot of water and a lot of passes on this route. We will start with 2 fairly rolling passes but twirling too since they will follow a river. Time for a short break and we get back on our horses to a well-known Tour de France pass. He doesn’t go there every year but every time he does it gives you some wonderful images, telling you what kind of panoramas you will have. At noon, a picnic by the river, surrounded by nature. We will be able to regain some strength before making a series of passes, each more beautiful than the other, decorated with lakes and waterfalls. Then, a very “nature” visit with peculiarities that you would never have suspected. Natural products, tools of yesteryear, pure and hard craftsmanship ! And the tasting that follows will titillate your taste buds. The route will continue along the banks of rivers, embellished with lakes and waterfalls, to finish on some very high passes. You will understand that this route did not steal its name.

– Friday, 02/06/2023 : La Serpentina Española
tour june july day 1A “Spanish Serpentine” ? Well yes, times that you have not eaten enough turns on the week of the ride, we give you the cover, what am I saying, we give you a complete menu, both literally and figuratively. You will see later … We will start the day with a very little traveled route (you will understand on the spot :-)) and which obviously will not displease us, because we will have the impression of being alone in the world while taking full the eyes with these beautiful landscapes. The time to trace a little on big curves, we take corners all different from each other to then move towards a beautiful little village and the restaurant at the top is well known to the locals, not only for its beauty. view of the mountains, but also for the delicious and hearty local dishes that they will make us taste. An entire program ! The icing on the cake will be after digestion, corners until you are thirsty, well yes, the name of this route must be honored. Oh yes, followed by… a few surprises for dessert. You should therefore appreciate the menus (of the restaurant, and of the routes) for this day.

Once again in this Pentecost Motorcycle Tour, a day filled with panoramas, surprises, and various pleasures ! What will you remember from this stay for a very long time :-)

– Saturday, 03/06/2023 : the goodbye
Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday morning. Then, we will leave each other slowly, with memories in our heads and returning with in our pocket, a bunch of new biker friends and more. We tell each other that we will meet again and very, very often, it’s not just words ! :-) The departure is scheduled around 09:00, but it can be done earlier if you wish.


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