2 X Crossing Pyrenees

from 16 till 30 septembre 2023


The Pyrenees on a motorcycle ? The ideal dream for bikers who haven’t been there yet. And for those who already know the region, we will make you discover the Pyrenees … differently ! In any case, a good reason to take part in these Crossing Pyrenees motorcycle tours with us !

Another good reason is that you don’t have to organize anything. You ride, you discover things that you would certainly never have found on your own, whether they are beautiful little-known roads in the Pyrenees, unusual places, visits to the craftsman or the small local producer. But also the friendliness of a small group of bikers, a cool atmosphere and good mood. And finally, you benefit from group rates.

So, many good reasons to participate in these motorcycle tours in the Pyrenees with us !

Who has never dreamed of a Crossing the Pyrenees on a motorcycle? A myth so envied. Well, we are offering you 2 Trans-Pyrenees, 2 dreams, 2 myths !

And 2 other good reasons to participate in this Crossing the Pyrenees – Transpy adventure with us !

This double crossing of the Pyrenees takes place over 2 weeks. The 1st week will be a Crossing of the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, on the Spanish side. The 2nd week will be a Crossing of the Pyrenees from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, on the French side, this time. Andorra will be the 3th country we will visit, during the 1st week, but also during the 2nd.


These 2 crossings of the Pyrenees will be done by homelessness. We will change hotel every day (except on break days). Every day we will visit another region. And every day, we will have a lot of passes, great views and many curves. All this combined with breaks, visits, and tastings of local products. During the days of ride, lunches are provided, either in a small local restaurant, or a picnic on a nice place. Breakfasts and dinners are taken at the hotel. The rooms are comfortable and of a high standard.

Participation in the costs :

1680 EUR per person for 2 full weeks

Included :

√ 5 guided motorcycle tours
√ 7 nights in quality hotels, based on a double room
√ 7 breakfasts
√ 7 evening dinners
√ water and wine for evening dinners
√ 5 lunches during the motorcycle tours
√ tastings of local products
√ visits
√ help with problems, in the extent of our abilities, but remember to take out an insurance if needed

Not included :
× travel insurance or cancellation insurance. We advise you to take the insurance that you deem necessary
× the cost of repatriating you and / or your motorcycle, whatever the problem
× fuel costs
× midday meal during the break days
× additional drinks or supplements taken at the hotel or restaurant
× supplement for a single room (30 EUR / night)
× personal expenses
× no luggage transport


– Saturday, 16/09/2023 : the welcome

We welcome you around 4:00 p.m. The opportunity to get to know each other, to summarize the motorcycle rides and to give all the explanations for this double crossing of the Pyrenees. We offer you a welcome drink :-) and we have the evening meal together.

Crossing the Pyrenees

The Spanish side

– Sunday, 17/09/2023 : Costa Brava a Cerdanya
Traversée Pyrénées : Jour 1

We will start by going to see the sea. This Mediterranean Sea so beautiful that we will see from all angles. We will pass very close to her with our motorcycles. We will see it from above too. We will make the most of this “sea, mountain, beautiful roads and curves” environment and we will pass over the most beautiful views of this “steep coast” (the Costa Brava). It starts strong!

Then we will head towards the heart of the Alt Emporda, first passing through some marshes. Rest assured, we will stay on the roads :-) ). Time for a break in a typical small village and we set off again towards small mountain roads, in the middle of rather unusual cork oak forests. And then a magnificent road, fast but full of curves, with even some giant hairpins where you end up on the corner for a very long time.

To recover from this intense morning, the lunch break will be in a small local restaurant where you will taste fresh products directly from small producers in the region. A “pure terroir” meal. The afternoon will begin with a little-known pass that will delight us both for its route and for its views. The break will be on the edge of a very well preserved Romanesque-style monastery. And the last section of the 1st day of this crossing of the Pyrenees will be exceptional since we will take one of the most beautiful roads in Europe. This is telling you !

– Monday, 18/09/2023 : Cerdanya i Catalunya

Traversée Pyrénées : Jour 2Cerdanya is full of beautiful mountain roads, but what we have selected for you is very nice, whirling at will, and always with a dream surface, which will take us to the most beautiful pass of Cerdanya , also relatively unknown but really worth it. This pass is also one of our favorites, and you should like it. On the descent we will stop at a small village and an even smaller bar. Not all of you will be able to sit down, but the ambiance alone is worth seeing. We finish this pass and we go on straight to a road in the middle of nowhere, where we will most likely not meet anyone as it is unknown and yet … it is sublime: a natural environment, uneven, curves, real roller coasters .

We will continue by a twisting road which will bring us to our picnic spot this afternoon. A place that should please you, both for its calm and its environment. And if you love water, you’ll feel like a fish there. You can swim there and even participate in a water activity if you like it. It is time to dry you off because the road awaits us. And what a road ! Curves galore for kms and kms !

After that, a more rolling part with long big curves, enough to offer variety. And the afternoon break will be in Andorra. A break where you can get good deals on motorcycle equipment. We can help you choose but also give you great discounts. Now it’s time to head back to our hotel in Catalonia and tonight’s meal will be… gargantuan !

– Tuesday, 19/09/2023 : Catalunya i Val d’Aran

Traversée Pyrénées : Jour 3Catalonia is known for its exceptional roads. And you’ll only have driven a few kilometers and your tires will already be warm. Do you see what we mean ? :-) A rolling section with large curves will follow to take us on a visit of a motorcycle-related establishment.

Then, new little roads, unknown to all, even locals, that’s to say ! But a dream environment: mountains, lakes, unspoiled nature, deserted places and small villages lost in the middle of nowhere. We continue our twirling coil which will gradually transform into wider curves, and bring us to the picnic place this afternoon, again a nice place. Time for a snack and maybe a little nap, and we set off again for a completely different environment, sometimes arid, vulture lairs, messy curves, passes, a different nature. What a variety!

And since we are talking about variety, we will continue with a much faster section, large curves with a coating like billiards. We will go along lakes too. A short break to cool off, and we set off again towards the Val d’Aran, a fairly small “semi-autonomous” community, but which has its own language, the Aranais, from Gascon, which is a dialect of the Occitan language. And if we have some time left at the end of the day, and for those who want it, we will see a rather unusual feature linked to 2 rivers that have their source in Val d’Aran.

– Wednesday, 20/09/2023 : Break day

crossing pyrenees : day 4

1st break day of this Crossing of the Pyrenees. You will do what you want, however you want. An activity, with or without motorcycle, rest, visits (Romanesque churches, museums, etc.), or a mountain hike, it’s up to you. A host of possible activities too (excursions in Roman villages, visit to zinc mines, mountain bike rentals, canyoning, rafting, multi-adventures, paragliding, 4 × 4 / quad hikes, horseback riding, photo safari flora and wildlife, so lots of activities.

Or do you like wellness ? The hotel has a fitness center and a full spa with heated swimming pool, hydromassage, saunas, Turkish bath, UVA solarium, jacuzzi, relaxation room with heated sun loungers. Wellness massages and beauty treatments are also possible. And for the more athletic, a fitness room awaits you. Breakfast and dinner are provided at the hotel. The lunch is not planned.

– Thursday, 21/09/2023 : Val d’Aran y Aragon

Traversée Pyrénées : Jour 4We will quickly leave the Val d´Aran to find ourselves in Aragon and you will see that this region also has many attractions. The 1st section of the day will be a feast for the eyes. Nature, special rock, variety in tree species, a very pleasant road with many curves and a multitude of small tunnels: picturesque !

Time for a short break and we set off again for a faster road with big curves but still in an unusual environment. An impressive eroded rock will be present on this entire stretch. Then we take a slower road in the middle of nature. And then suddenly, a completely unusual place. You will be very surprised to find such a place in the Pyrenees. In less time than it takes to tell, you’ll feel like you’re 7,000 km away. Well no, you are in the Pyrenees. Astonishing ! We will stop there of course. Take out smartphones and cameras ! After this short break, we will continue our serpentine in the middle of nature until the lunch break. A very well preserved medieval city, a nice restaurant, a local dish.

After the meal, you can stroll in the city or go see the majestic Romanesque tower. The afternoon will be a combination of different routes, from rapids, medium to very small roads, but always in an exceptional environment, in the middle of nature.

– Friday, 22/09/2023 : Aragon a Pais Vasco

We will start with a fast road before taking different and varied types of roads. From the small mountain road to the road with big curves, passing by all the intermediate styles. A cocktail that should please you. We are now in the province of Navarre and you will see that the roads are still beautiful and twirling. We will breathe a little thanks to a faster road but the curves will always be present. Before leaving for a long serpentine that will delight us.

At noon, a picnic by a nice lake. For the rest, it will be a new coil, but this one will seem to never end. Riding pleasure guaranteed ! This road will sometimes be in the forest, sometimes in a more stripped nature, but also in the open, punctuated by beautiful views. This section will be intense, but the happiness will only be amplified. We now come to the outskirts of El Pais Vasco, the Spanish Basque country. And the names of villages will become more and more difficult to pronounce :-)

Traversée Pyrénées : Jour 5

And finally the Atlantic Ocean will show its nose, first in a subtle way, for the most attentive. Then we will follow the sea for long kilometers, on a ledge. We let you guess the views it will give you. Enough to end this 1st Crossing of the Pyrenees in style and already make you want to start the 2nd Trans-Pyrenees.



– Saturday, 23/09/2023 : Break day

2nd break day of this double Crossing of the Pyrenees. You can do whatever you want again. A little rest, an activity, a few visits, it’s up to you. You might go for a walk on one of the beautiful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, go see the surfers, or visit San Sebastian, its basilica, its cathedral, or its churches. Or simply stroll through the old pedestrian streets or rest on a bench in one of its welcoming “plazas”.

crossing pyrenees : break dayYou might be tempted to go admire La Concha bay, visit the aquarium and its glass tunnel, or the Basque Maritime Museum. Or Bilbao which is a little further away, for those who are interested. Or take a gastronomic excursion, or by boat. For the more athletic, an introduction to surfing (the local sport) or kitesurfing. We will be very close to the border, so Biarritz will not be very far. A mess of activities. It is up to you to make your choice. Breakfast and dinner are provided at the hotel. The lunch is not planned.

Crossing the Pyrenees

The French side

– Sunday, 24/09/2023 : Du Pays Basque à la Soule

Traversée Pyrénées : Jour 6You will have noticed that the name of the ride is this time in French. Hey yes, that’s it, we are starting our second Crossing of the Pyrenees but on the French side this time. And this 1st day in France will be panoramic ! We will cross the Atlantic Pyrenees, but we will not leave the Ocean immediately.

We will enjoy it again for kilometers on another road along the coast, sometimes at altitude, which will provide you with breathtaking panoramas. Then a road with curves as we like them which will lead us from Labourd towards Basse-Navarre, 2 territories of the Basque Country. The morning break will be in one of the most beautiful villages in France even if at the time, it was part of the Kingdom of Navarre. The old town is surrounded by 15th century ramparts. Inside, cobbled streets and old houses, the oldest of which dates back to 1510. And when we leave, it will be to climb very quickly in altitude to reach summits, literally but also figuratively. The section we are going to take is a jewel of the Pyrenees ! Kilometers of small roads on ridges and summits.

When we descend a little, it will be for a road all in ledge to go up afterwards towards the summits. And the views that these routes will give you will be exceptional. The place is sublime and to enjoy it even longer, we will have a picnic on a summit, with a 360 ° view, a memorable moment. And when we resume our mounts, it will be off again for roads in ledges and towards summits again. A few descents to go up as quickly. And the next break will be at a bar with a terrace, guess what? Panoramic! We stay in the theme of the day :-) The end of the day will take us to do some more passes in the Soule. We are still in the Pyrénées Atlantiques, but Soule is also a territory of the Basque Country. Finally, we will take a fast road back to the hotel and this day will remain etched in your memories for a long time.

– Monday, 25/09/2023 : Du Béarn à la Haute Garonne

crossing pyrenees day 7We will start the day by heading quickly towards Béarn. The 1st pass will be very beautiful, a high mountain environment, relief, torrents and pastoral areas on the descent. Hardly at the bottom that we will take a pass. And this one is legendary. The road is quite narrow and on a mountainside on one side and an exceptional view on the other, for miles. Happiness guaranteed !

We will stop at the top of this pass for a break. Enough to enjoy these panoramic views for a longer period while quenching your thirst. What beautiful these Hautes-Pyrénées ! We set off again by this small ledge road which will widen a little at a time, to end on a fairly rolling end of descent. The lunch will be a surprise that we will not reveal to you immediately. Some clues: local, regional, conviviality and a very local and surprising dessert. Does it make your mouth water?

When we leave, it will be for a pass well known to fans of the Tour de France cycling. Then, a fast but very twirling road to vary the pleasures and we find a pass. But this one is quite unusual because the 2 slopes are of a completely different environment. The afternoon break will be in a beautiful village with its old half-timbered houses and slate roofs.

We will end with the Haute Garonne. Hey, yes, at the southern end of the Haute Garonne, there is a very small part of the Pyrenees, sometimes less known, but you will see that the region has attractions, both for its rather particular environment as for its roads and his passes. And this last part of the day will certainly delight you.

– Tuesday, 26/09/2023 : De la Haute Garonne à l’Andorre

crossing pyrenees day 8A fast road to start the day, but very quickly, we will go up in altitude by an unknown but very nice pass with hairpins on a very wide road. Pleasure guaranteed ! The descent will be a little narrower with beautiful views. As soon as we get down, we go back up ! This time, a road in the forest, in the middle of nature and once arrived at the top of the pass, we will enjoy a beautiful descent with views and especially a very present view of the curves that await us a few miles further. Sense of well-being on the motorcycle.

Crossing of typical villages, each more beautiful and calmer than the next one. Again, variety in the routes. And then a very small road, very little known, therefore very little used. We shouldn’t see many people there ! We will stop for a break in a nice little village where a beautiful river crosses the village. You will have the opportunity to go and see the church with a rather unusual facade and its 16th century bell tower. When we leave, it will be to ride a pass which is one of the most beautiful in Ariège. We will stop at the top of the pass for noon. The view you will have up there while enjoying your picnic will give you a feeling of well-being and being part of nature. After this unforgettable moment, we will resume our motorcycles for an equally exceptional descent. Rough mountains, plateau, lake, views, waterfalls.

To recover from this magical moment, a little variety in the roads since we will take a fast route, but always with many curves, to then take a pass that will lead us to Andorra. We will go up to altitude. The summits will not be very far. A terrace at altitude to enjoy even more of these views and these mountains. And then 2 passes and a nice road filled with many curves to end the day.

– Wednesday, 27/09/2023 : Break day

The 3rd free day of this Crossing of the Pyrenees. You will do what you want, however you want. An activity, with or without a motorbike, of shopping in the stores of Andorra. Andorra is famous for its motorcycle accessories and equipment stores, but also for its clothing, shoes, watches and perfume stores and for electronics stores, smartphones, cameras, computers, tablets, etc, …

You can also go kart or spectacular summer tobogganing, go hiking in the mountains, enjoy the spa area, or simply take a day off … everything is possible :-). Breakfast and dinner are provided, lunch is not provided.

– Thursday, 28/09/2023 : De l’Andorre aux Pyrénées Orientales

crossing pyrenees day 9We will cross Andorra but taking lesser-known passes, which will avoid us the main axes of the principality. In the 2nd pass, we will stop for a break. It will take a little bit of walking but it’s worth it. The view is exceptional. One of the best views of Andorra and its main valley. We leave for the descent with it also beautiful views. Then a faster stretch with mountains all around.

The next pass will be at high altitude before heading back down to France. A long descent filled with many curves awaits us. Arrived at the bottom of this descent, we will go straight up and the following pass will be interesting for its natural environment, but also for its large hairpins and its beautiful views. The rest will be on a large platform that we will roll. It is very beautiful because it is surrounded by a mountain range that can be seen in the distance from all angles. A bit like a 360 ° circus: it’s special. Then we will stop for the lunch break. A local restaurant where you can taste local dishes. A treat and a nice atmosphere.

With a full stomach, we will take the road on a small quiet road, a few crossings of typical villages before going up into the mountain by a very small road that crosses a nature reserve. Nature lovers will be in heaven. We are now back on a faster road and large curves, something for everyone. Then, we will leave this fast road to take a small pass, completely unknown, but which will offer you one of the most beautiful views of this stay. We come down from our little cloud, but the road continues to be very nice, on the mountainside, then on a ledge, to end with endless curves. And we will end the day with a fast road. Lots of variety and different types of roads for this day.

– Friday, 29/09/2023 : Des Pyrénées Orientales à la Mer Méditerranée

We will start the day with a fast road but it will be a real treat. It turns, it turns, it even turns sometimes, paradoxical for a fast road but it is really very varied. Then we will go deep into the forests of the Catalan Pyrenees. From time to time, one will find typical small villages. We will stop in one of them to quench our thirst and soak up the rural atmosphere of their inhabitants. Come on, we leave by small winding roads, still in beautiful unspoiled nature.

For the rest, we take a fast road to trace a little, before setting out again towards the winding at will. The environment changes, it becomes more arid. The vegetation is also different. It is in a very well preserved medieval village that we will stop for lunch. Charm and authenticity will be there. A picturesque, harmonious village that will take you back in time. These stone houses and its flowery alleys are a feast for the eyes and you will be able to fully enjoy them after having taken a rather… special picnic.

crossing pyrenees day 10

The afternoon will begin with a cocktail of roads of all types before seeing the Mediterranean Sea, first from afar, then closer and closer. We will take a road that will start on a ledge above this “sea between the lands”, to continue on a higher altitude road with always a view of the sea. Enough to have unforgettable photos of the high point of these Trans-Pyrenees .

But that’s not all. We have yet another surprise in store for you, with a tasting of a very local product. Go ! A last section, still in Sea / Mountain mode, for miles and miles. The icing on the cake before returning to the hotel to end this double Crossing of the Pyrenees in a pleasant and friendly way with an evening probably even more memorable than the others.

– Saturday, 30/09/2021 : the goodbye

Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday morning. Then, we will leave each other slowly, with memories in our heads of this double crossing of the Pyrenees. And by leaving with a bunch of new biker friends in hand. We tell each other that we will meet again and very, very often, it’s not just words ! :-) The departure is scheduled around 09:00, but it can be done earlier if you wish.

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2 x Crossing the Pyrenees : let’s do it !