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Moto-Pyrénées is a non-profit activity and only of a social nature, whose only purpose is to share his passion with other bikers. The proposed activities are : motorcycle tour, on-road, all-road, off-road, motorcycle rides, motorcycle tours in the Pyrenees with accompagny. To participate in these tours, simply contact us. Join us soon and discover the Pyrenees … in a different way !

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To share our passion for the motorbike
We have several passions, mainly for motor sports, but the motorbike is one of our favorites. We practice this passion already for a long time, out of pleasure, alone, with two, or with our friends.

One day we decided to share our “motor” passions and our little corner of paradise with others. We are doing these tours only a few times a year. Our goal is to spend a good time together, either on the motor during the rides, filled with beautiful mountain passes, in the high mountains, or during a break at a viewpoint, at the edge of a lake or while discovering the rich heritage of the Pyrenees during the motorcycle tours. But even after a pretty full day, during an aperitif or around a good table, talking about motorbike … or about completely different topics with our participants.

Would you like to know more ? Using the menu bar above you can find an overview of the formulas, excursions, accommodation, etc … we can offer you.

Do you have questions ? Do not hesitate to contact us.  We will answer you gladly! See you soon! Alain and Veerle